International Surfing Day

Lee, Jordan, Hammer and myself share some waves at cardiff reef on ISD 2014

F-Stop: Colombia

                    Photography by Jerry Mancuso

Autumn on the East Coast

                                        Washington D.C.  - Maryland - Delaware

F-Stop: San Francisco

Photography by Jerry Mancuso

Voice of Polo

Voice of Polo from Del Mar Digital Media on Vimeo.
Steve Lewandowski the “Voice of the San Diego Polo Club” is now entering his 23rd season announcing at the club. Highly regarded as the best announcer in Polo, Steve is the Vin Scully of Polo. 

F-Stop: Bali

F-Stop: Bali from Del Mar Digital Media on Vimeo.

Moving pictures of the Balinese and their rich cultural heritage.

Bali, Indonesia